• Mould Design Engineer

    1. College degree or above, more than 6 years experience in stamping progressive die design, strong analytical and problem solving ability;

    2. Careful in work, accurate drawing, good communication skills and team work spirit;

    3, automotive air conditioning mold experience is preferred, have some English speaking and writing ability is preferred.

  • CNC operator

    1. At least 1 year related working experience, familiar with Mitsubishi system;

    2. Understand drawings, sharpen knives and drills, regularly maintain and maintain the machine;

    3, have certain programming knowledge, adaptability and learning ability, with precision parts processing experience and hardware mold is preferred.

  • Assistant Design Engineer

    1, College degree or above, major in mechanical or design, fresh graduate is acceptable;

    2. Familiar with CAD software and have some understanding of UG software;

    3, have the related machinery, mold design foundation is preferred

  • Assembly fitter

    1. High school/technical secondary school or above, aged 20-45;

    2. More than 3 years experience in independent assembly and debugging of molds, good at drawing, good at analyzing and solving problems;

    3, automotive air conditioning mold experience is preferred.

  • Quality inspector

    1. College degree or above, major in electronic machinery, under 35 years old;

    2. Able to read mechanical drawings and use basic measuring tools (caliper, micrometer, projector, altimeter);

    3. Experience in stamping die is preferred.